FREEDOM IN THE CRISIS - An illustrated book by Alexander Heil

"Corona doesn't bring anything new, Corona only uncovers".

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hockertz in “Freiheit in der Krise”

"A society in fear and panic, unstoppable and looking for culprits, be it the elderly or children and young people. People are seized by a vicious mood that must be ended. A mood that is still spread by public authorities and the media today and is perceived as alarmism. The authoritarian, opinionated and immoderate prohibitions of recent months are not only unbearable, but the severely traumatized population will have a much harder time coping with the consequences of the much longer part of working through the crisis than the current crisis itself."

The Coffee Table Book on the greatest crisis since World War II.
Large format coffee table book with over 190 images and 48 personal statements on 352 pages. Photographed by Alexander Heil.

Large format portraits of 48 people who have different views in this crisis. People who criticize and inform. In addition to doctors and scientists, lawyers, journalists and other experts also have their say in very personal statements. In addition, there are pictures documenting what happens behind the scenes at filming, meetings and demonstrations.

With a foreword by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.     

Portraits and statements by, among others:
Prof. Martin Haditsch
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi
Prof. Stefan Hockertz
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Prof. Max Otte
Boris Reitschuster
Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen
Gunnar Kaiser
Prof. Klaus-Dieter Püschel
Prof. Stefan Homburg
Dr. Daniele Ganser
Vera Lengsfeld
and many more

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