Generation Mask

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Corona: Angst und Herausforderung

Dear Generation Mask,
I have named you this because there is no more fitting symbol for this time than this very piece of cloth or paper.
You have got into an extraordinary, difficult situation, you have been thrown out of the "warm nest" in many areas. You may and must deal with issues and overcome problems of which you had no idea until now. None of us did.
What can we recommend to you, advise you? That is probably the task of the older generations, to advise and support.
What I have written here - information, observations, forecasts, insights - we have written for you.
So that you will be called "Generation STRONG", not "Generation Mask".
That is my wish for you. And for us.
Stefan Hockertz

Hier finden Sie vier Videos zu Gesprächen zwischen der Moderatorin Frau Katrin Huss bei denen Prof. Hockertz auf Kernthemen des Buches eingeht.